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Removals to Austria - Experienced with Austrian removals

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We have just returned carrying out removals to Austria and what a beautiful round trip it was! We left the UK out of the port of Portsmouth and sailed into Caen, driving 850 miles to the customers house.

It is always a pleasure carrying out removals to Austria because of the stunning scenery this country possesses, you could say driving through these eye catching locations stopping for food here & there in little passing villages are the "perks of the job" & that would be absolutely correct - it is certainly why we love what we do!

carrying out removals in Austria
West Cornwall Removal's 18 tonne lorry on a recent Austrian move

On this job carrying out removals to Austria the final destination was Gosau, north West in Austria not far at all from the German border but the last 10 miles as we went higher up the mountain on approach to the customers house the views just got better & better! We love being part of removals to Austria as it is such a beautiful country!

In comparison to other removals to Austria this was considered a large move, a full four bedroom house which took up the entire 18 tonne lorry, although the clouds were grey during time of loading at least the access was good! Breathtaking views from the customers bedroom that could only be made better with clear skies (photos do not do it justice!) See below;

Austrian mountain range
Gosau mountain range on a recent move Austria to Cornwall

If you would like a free no obligation quotation for removals to Austria then please contact Bradley direct on +447881370140 for a friendly chat or email

We offer free general advice for customers seeking removals to Austria, we have in house trained staff who deal with export/import into the EU on a regular basis and we are more than happy to help.

Trading standards approved for both UK + European moves

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