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Removals to Ireland - Republic & Northern Ireland removals

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Boarding the ferry to Ireland
Sailing with Irish ferries - Pembroke to Rosslare is our preferred route

We have been carrying out frequent removals to Ireland for over twenty years, things have changed somewhat during that period but we have overcome recent challenges such as Brexit and continue to deliver removals to both Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Since Brexit, removals to Ireland now requires a strict paperwork process which has to be followed or your goods will be subject to customs duty charges against the value of your contents when entering Republic of Ireland as this is an EU country. It is important you engage with a reputable company that know the rules inside out regarding removals to Ireland, or it may result in delays along with becoming more costly than it should be!

Our fully trained customs team in house have a network of contacts and expert advice on hand to help you through the entire process, to ensure your removals to Ireland are as stress free, and cost effective as possible.

Lorry and trailer on the ferry to Ireland
West Cornwall Removals and trailer on board the ferry to Ireland

If you would like a free, no obligation quotation or just general advice regarding removals to Ireland please contact Bradley on +447881370140.

Below is a photo after we carried out removals to Ireland some time ago to Glengarrif on the west coast, it was two of the gents first time in Ireland so we ensured they had a taste of some proper Guiness as you know what they say "Guiness tastes better in Ireland"

West Cornwall Removals staff enjoying the trip to Ireland
Post unload pints of Guinness in Ireland

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